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Dripping Springs Cook-Off Club Membership

Chili Cook-Off

Dripping Springs Cook-Off Club

Our Annual Chili Cook-Off is October 28th at 12Fox this year. Please review our rules and guidelines and sign up below.

Some Rules and Guidelines


  • Set up/Check in time for competitors: 9:00 am 
  • Head cook meeting: 9:30 am 
  • Space Locations are on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • NO parking on the grass area at the triangle. 
  • ONLY gas grills, propane stoves or electric appliances allowed for cooking and preparing salsa. 
  • NO glass containers/bottles. 
  • Each team must have a head cook. 
  • Head cooks must attend the Head Cook meeting to receive judging containers. 
  • Chili meat and Salsa ingredients will be inspected after the head cook’s meeting. 
  • NO vendors are allowed to enter the contests – individual cooks only. 
  • Teams must supply their own equipment, supplies and ingredients. 
  • All grease drippings must be contained and disposed of properly. 
  • Tip jars are allowed for samples – food MAY NOT be sold. 
  • Teams must supply their own water and tent canopies for shade. 
  • Electricity will be available. 
  • The Head Cook is responsible for all cleanup of the team’s space. 
  • The Head Cook is responsible for the conduct of their team and their guests. 
  • The Cook-off Club will retain 15% of the salsa entry fees prior to splitting the cash pot among winners. 
  • The Cook-off Club officers reserve the right to make additional regulations as situations warrant. 
  • Decisions of the officers shall be final. 
  • Excessive use of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification. 
  • All rules will be enforced and refusal to abide by them will results in immediate disqualification and eviction from the grounds with no refund of fees paid. 


  • NO pre-seasoning or marinating of meat allowed until after inspection.
  • NO commercial chili mixes or canned chili allowed.
  • NO beans or other fillers allowed in chili.
  • All salsa ingredients must be chopped and blended on site. Chunky pico-type salsa is not permitted.
  • NO bottle or pre-mixed salsas allowed.
  • NO garnishes allowed in chili or salsa.
  • Chili will be judged on aroma, consistency, color, taste and aftertaste.
  • Salsa must be tomato based, no green salsas permitted.
  • Salsa will be judged on appearance, flavor, consistency and aftertaste.


  • Pumpkin inspection will begin at 10:00 am
  • Hollowing and/or pre-carving of pumpkins may NOT occur until after pumpkins have been inspected.
  • Teams must supply their own pumpkins.
  • Pumpkins will be judged on detail, design, uniqueness, attraction and materials.